There are VERY FEW tests available that give parents analyses in these important areas.  Most testing may give you an overall understanding of the student’s knowledge in the five basic core subjects, but you still won’t really know the strengths and weaknesses in specific subjects.  If your child scores 50% in math, for example, what does that mean?  What area of math needs to be improved?

The National Testing Center diagnostic tests will tell you the percentages in each AREA of the subject.  For math, you will see the scores for numeration, fractions, geometry, algebra, etc.  Then, with this evaluation, you as a parent can determine which PART of math needs more work and understanding.  Not only will you will know  WHAT your child knows,  you will know his/her APTITUDE about each subject, and his/her ATTITUDE about it.  

These affordable diagnostic exams will be priceless for your entire family’s education and learning!